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Welcome to, the unofficial and completely unauthorized website of Judge Robert M. Stem and his merry band of racketeers in Robertson County, Texas, known locally as “Booger County.”  I'm Ty Clevenger, an attorney in the Dallas area, and I built this website in order to release evidence -- never before made public -- that Judge Stem helped two local attorneys steal more than $1 million in gas royalties and mineral interests.  I have also uploaded evidence that Judge Stem was accepting free legal services from one of those attorneys around the time that the thefts were occurring, and that both he and the attorney hid their relationship from the opposing parties who appeared before Judge Stem. 

DominosThe trail of bad behavior leads to U.S. District Judge Walter S. Smith, Jr. of Waco as well as some prominent lawyers at Porter & Hedges, LLP, a mid-size Houston firm, and at Beard Kultgen Brophy Bostwick & Dickson, LLP, a regional firm in Waco, where one of the attorneys also serves as an adjunct professor at Baylor Law School.  If you're already familiar with Booger County and you want to skip straight to the latest, read the “road map to an indictment” that I sent to Coty Siegert, the Robertson County District Attorney. You can also read my letter to various officials in the U.S. Department of Justice, which sets forth the evidence that former DA John Paschall was involved in bank fraud, mail fraud, and tax fraud, and that First Star Bank officers may have been involved in a little bank fraud as well. Otherwise, just click on the links below.

I am also writing Liars and Horse Thieves: A book about lawyers and judges, and I welcome tips from lawyers, law clerks, and courthouse employees. I will keep your name confidential unless you authorize me to release it, and our communications may be protected by attorney-client privilege. Even if I can't use the information, I will forward it (with your permission) to my law enforcement and media contacts. Finally, I want to do more than expose a handful of dirty lawyers and judges – I want to reform the system that allowed them to operate for decades without any interference. On one of the links below, you can find a list of reforms that the Texas Legislature needs to consider in its 2015 session, as well as the things you can do to make the legislature pay attention. At, you can find evidence of crime and corruption in the federal judiciary.

The history of the Booger County Mafia:

                   How a small-town Texas judge and his cronies can
                           get away with just about anything
Judge Stem
The downfall of the dirtest DA in Texas:

                        The first crack in the brick wall

Texas Commission for Lawyer Discipline v. Ty Clevenger:

                        The biggest backfire in the history of Booger County

An opportunity for reform:

                        Don't let this happen again

Living to fight another day:

No more fun and games

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